The days of temporary crowns and waiting two to three weeks for your permanent crown are over. What is a “CEREC one-day crown’? Well, it’s just what it says, a new crown in one day!  Today at Restore Dental Arts a beautiful custom crown can be made for your tooth in one visit.

If your tooth becomes structurally compromised and requires a crown or onlay for complete restoration, Dr. David Weber and Dr. Doug Weber can use CEREC technology to scan the prepared tooth and create a new crown for you that day. In the past, a putty impression was taken of the prepared tooth and a plaster model was made. This was then sent to a dental laboratory. A shade guide was used to give the lab technician an idea of the color of the rest of your teeth in that arch. Then we waited…hopefully, it would come back on time. Sometimes the crown didn’t fit or the shade was off and the crown would have to be returned for adjustments. This was just an occasional result of the limitations of that process.

Today at Restore Dental Arts we use contemporary technology to complete this process, and beautifully restore your tooth in one day. The doctor uses a CAD CAM to take a scan of the prepared tooth and the adjacent teeth in that arch. The CEREC technology is used to create a crown on the computer to be fabricated by a milling machine. The new crown is then cut out of a solid piece of ceramic. It is then checked for fit in the mouth.  This is when the artistry happens. Dr. Doug and Dr. David use stains and glaze to create a crown that will blend perfectly with the adjacent teeth in your mouth. The crown is then fired in a small oven resembling a mini pizza baker. The new crown is custom, beautiful and ready to chew! After cementation of the crown the tooth is completely restored and you are on your way with no additional appointments necessary. The CEREC technology also creates crowns to finish dental implants and dental bridges.  Both Dr. David and Dr. Doug Weber have a strong commitment to excellence through continued education, so it will be easy to keep you updated on current trends and news in dentistry.