Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We appreciate your questions and invite you to browse through some of the most common questions we receive. If your question is not listed here, we invite you to give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you and welcome all questions.

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Will I need to see a specialist for my dental implants?
We know that our patients are busy and have better things to do than to drive around town from one office to the next for their necessary dental care. That is why we decided to seek out the education and training necessary to place and restore dental implants in our office. By staying at one location for your implant surgery and restorative treatment, you receive outstanding continuity of care in an atmosphere you trust.

We place numerous dental implants using a guided surgical technique to ensure precise placement. That way, you achieve the very best outcome possible. Have you been told that you do not have enough bone density for dental implants? Not to worry, we also offer bone grafting in our Michigan City dental office so that you can have the restorations you want to improve your smile.

Each of our implant restorations is custom designed to match your appearance and blend in with your natural teeth. If you have multiple missing teeth, we also offer implant-supported bridges and implant-retained dentures to provide you with the greatest fit and function for your smile.

To find out if dental implants are right for you, give us a call. With an oral evaluation, one of our gentle and experienced dentists will be able to offer the best options for your health.

How can you offer dental crowns in one day?
We constantly make choices in our Michigan City, IN dental office about which technology will benefit our patients the most. We don’t jump on board with every new trend, but we do evaluate what is truly important to our patients. We know you want attractive, long-lasting, comfortable dentistry. That is why we opted to invest in CEREC technology and bring a greater level of convenience and quality to our patients.

Dental impressions are a messy business, and so is driving across town for multiple dental appointments. By utilizing CEREC, we can eliminate both of those problems! CEREC utilizes digital scanning instead of impressions, which means greater accuracy without all the gooey impression material. The data we collect downloads into our CEREC software and is processed through our computer, which links to a computerized ceramic restoration-milling device.

We can mill your restoration right in our dental office using CAD/CAM technology. That means that we can give you your permanent restorations on the same day as your appointment! This eliminates additional trips across town and the waiting period necessary when we send your case to a dental lab. All of this is possible without sacrificing beauty or quality when it comes to your care.

How do I know if I have gum disease?
When you first develop gum disease, your symptoms might be subtle. That is why it is important to pay close attention to your body. At this early stage, called gingivitis, it is easier to treat and eliminate your infection. The very first signs of gum disease may include bad breath, sore gums, and bleeding. If you look at your gums and notice a red angry color instead of a healthy pink, that is another indication that something is going on.

As periodontal (gum) disease progresses, your symptoms may worsen to include pain, bleeding, pus, tooth mobility, recession, and notching. At this point, your teeth and your health are at risk because gum disease has been linked to other serious conditions including heart disease and diabetes.

No matter what stage of gum disease you are experiencing, by focusing on daily home care, including brushing and flossing, combined with professional dental cleanings, in most cases we can restore your health and reduce or eliminate your symptoms. We sometimes work with specialists if your case requires advanced periodontal treatment or surgery.

Failure to treat your condition can result in tooth loss and systemic health issues. Call us if you have the symptoms of gum disease so we can help you get back on track to good oral health.

Do you offer tooth-colored fillings?
At our Michigan City, IN dental office, we believe that dentistry can be beautiful as well as comfortable. That is why we offer tooth-colored fillings, called composites, to our patients instead of silver amalgam fillings.

Composite fillings come in a variety of shades to match the color of your natural teeth. That means nothing stands between you and a beautiful smile. However, the benefits of composite fillings go beyond appearances. When we use composite fillings, it requires the removal of less of your natural tooth structure, meaning that your tooth remains more stable and intact. Additionally, because composites lack mercury, they have reduced environmental concerns.

While the American Dental Association has found no negative health effects from amalgam fillings, some of our patients prefer to avoid them. Since the quality and strength of composite materials have improved over the years, you get the same long-lasting results. Additionally, because amalgam fillings are made of metal, they expand and contract causing them to break down or crack over time.

We can also use composite fillings to make small repairs to your teeth. From filling chips to closing gaps, dental bonding is a quick, non-invasive, easy way to improve your appearance and give you the confidence to smile.

My dentures do not fit well. Can you help?

At the office of J. David Weber, DDS, Michael D. Kirk, DDS, and Dr. Jonathan Solares, DDS, we take a meticulous approach to the creation of dentures in our office. Our attention to detail results in well-fitting, aesthetic, comfortable, and fully functional dentures.

When your complete or partial dentures do not fit correctly, it can affect your entire quality of life. People with ill-fitting dentures may withdraw socially, live in pain from sores, and have to avoid foods that they love simply because their teeth do not fit properly. We understand completely and that is why we are so committed to creating dentures for our patients that look and feel great.

Over time, your bone structure changes, which may explain why your dentures do not fit as well as they used to. We can make adjustments and reline them to a certain point, but after awhile, you may benefit from having replacements made. If you have a particularly hard time with getting dentures to fit, we can sometimes place a few dental implants to help lock your dentures in place, bringing added stability and function to your smile.

Life is better when you feel confident, look your best, and can eat a wide variety of foods that you love. We look forward to creating partial or complete dentures that enhance your quality of life.