Dental Implants in Michigan City, IN

Restore Dental Implants

Loss of teeth can have a significant impact on your health and quality of life. This deficit is expressed functionally, esthetically, and socially.  Struggling to chew your favorite foods and adjusting your smile to hide that deficit can diminish your sense of confidence. Social events with your family and friends can trigger uncomfortable feelings associated with tooth loss.  Restoring your smile to health can also restore your confidence and overall well-being. Making a decision to replace what you have lost becomes about increasing the quality of your everyday life.

The cascade of issues that can result from tooth loss can be managed by replacing what has been irrevocably lost. We know from experience that an implant is a remarkable solution for replacing a single tooth or several teeth.   Our doctors will talk to you about your dental history, where you are now, and what your desired outcome is. Your story is more than the sum of your dental needs. We want to honor all of these factors when working with you to create the ideal treatment plan. Our goal is to utilize our knowledge and expertise to restore your oral health as a part of your plan for restored wellness.

At Restore Dental Implants our implant process combines cutting-edge technology with time-tested techniques to ensure the best possible result. We integrate a digital model of your teeth with a 3-D X-ray of your jaw. This allows us to plan with precision and do so prior to any treatment.  We will fabricate a guide with a 3D printer to realize this plan. This exacting digital workflow is used throughout the entire implant process.

Generally, a healing time of a few months is required for a stable outcome.  During this time, if esthetics are an issue, a temporary crown can be fabricated to hold the place for the finished functional crown.  At Restore Dental Implants, our doctors will create a beautiful permanent crown, bridge or denture to be placed on the implant abutment to finalize the implant. Function is restored and you can smile again. You will regain your feelings of health and wholeness.