Full Mouth Reconstruction in Michigan City, IN

Sometimes the scope of a particular health issue can be overwhelming.  Whether it is the result of the accumulation of small things or the effect of a big event like an accident, you may feel like you need a comprehensive solution.  Restore Dental Arts can help you with that.

Full mouth reconstruction involves taking a look at the whole mouth and mapping out the deficits. We look at the restorative options to bring your mouth back to complete health.  We discuss with you what your desired outcome is, what restored oral health means to you. Together we come up with a plan that starts with the end in mind.

The combination of technology and medicine has enhanced the process and the outcome of full mouth reconstruction. We can control each step precisely and thus predict the outcome with confidence. Whether the plan involves implants, a hybrid bridge or a complete denture, we use 3D imagery, intraoral scans and 3D printing to plan and then create the restorative components of full mouth reconstruction.

Come in for a visit, a comprehensive exam, talk to Dr. David Weber, Dr. Michael Kirk. or Dr. Jonathan Solares about how to get back what you once had. We will be happy to plan that journey for you.