Dental Onlay in Michigan City, IN

When a tooth is structurally compromised by dental decay or a fracture, the dentist may opt for a restoration that will support the remaining tooth structure.  Sometimes a tooth will have decay or a crack that involves a cusp of the tooth.  A crack can form in any part of the tooth.  It can spread through the tooth in a way that involves one or more cusps on a tooth. The same can be said for decay.  Dental decay can silently undermine the structure of the tooth, spreading through the tooth underneath the cusps. This weakens the tooth and can cause it to suddenly break.  Never a good surprise!  The dentist may see signs of these types of cracks or decay during your routine checkup. If so, he will recommend an appropriate course of action.

Depending on the extent of the damage to hard tooth structure the dentist may choose to do an onlay.  So, what is an onlay? An onlay is an indirect restoration that covers at least one of the cusps of the tooth.  An onlay is a structurally sound restorative choice that will give your tooth increased stability and longevity. It requires minimal preparation, preserving the most natural tooth structure possible.   An onlay is completed in one day with CEREC technology.  The dentist will clean up the fracture and decay, and prepare the tooth for restoration.  Then, the same procedure for making a crown is used. A scan of the prepared tooth is taken and sent to a milling machine where the onlay is cut from a block of ceramic to precisely fit the prepared area of the tooth. The onlay is then tried in for proper fit. The dentist will use stains and glaze to assure that the onlay will match the remaining tooth structure. After it is fired and cooled, the onlay is cemented into place.  This procedure is done in one appointment, with no follow-up appointment necessary. Your tooth will be restored, stable and beautiful!