CBCT: Cone Beam Computed Topography

Restore Dental Arts has added 3D imaging to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of dental disease and smile reconstruction.  It is truly awesome and we are pretty impressed with the vast image pool it creates.   A CBCT scan is the ultimate diagnostic tool. The cone beam focuses the radiation, reducing scatter, and uses a conversion sensor to convert the data into a superior image.  This image is sharp and minutely detailed, and our options for viewing the image are infinite.  The 3D image can be looked at one thin slice at a time, and it can be manipulated to give multiple views of each tooth from all dimensions. We can turn the image 360 degrees to look at it from any angle. While there is still a lot of value in a traditional 2D film, and it definitely holds its place in dental diagnostics, there are times when additional information can assist in providing a more comprehensive evaluation.

The CBCT scan provides immeasurable value in the area of implantology.   Implant cases can be mapped out using the patient’s own image with the accompanying software.  A precise plan can be made for the optimal placement of the implant. The software also integrates with our Cerec technology giving us the capability to create a surgical guide to aid in precisely placing the implant, plus a beautiful crown to finish the treatment.  The integration of these technologies offers a truly digital implant procedure.

In endodontics, the treatment of teeth with root canal therapy, a CBCT scan shows nerve canals in amazing detail. Seeing the nerves inside your tooth is actually pretty cool. The doctors can see the shape and curvature of the roots and the number of canals prior to starting the procedure. This visual information increases ease and success of treatment.  In oral surgery cases a scan will show the location of nerves in the mandible and their proximity to wisdom teeth, this helps weigh the pros and cons of extraction.  This is beneficial when planning a simple extraction also.

All of this is just the tip of the iceberg in the diagnostic value of a CBCT scan.  Dr. Doug and Dr. David always strive to offer state of the art dentistry.  There are limitless ways in which 3D imaging will help them achieve that for our patients.