Our mission statement is the guidepost for everything we do here at Restore Dental Arts.  We strive to bring health and happiness to our patients through connection, convenience, comfort and confidence.  Dr. Weber invited us all to read “Atomic Habits” by James Clear as a group. He was interested in whether there may be some insight on how we can help our patients develop habits that support good dental health.  I’m sure you’ve all had your hygienist give you feedback on the effectiveness of your brushing and flossing.   You might listen and think, “Yeah, I’m going to increase my flossing this time for sure! “ Frankly, that’s kind of my response when my doctor tells me to lower my cholesterol.  Just like my doctor is trying to help me live healthier, we are trying to save you from dental health issues in the future.  Dentistry and medicine are continually sharing information that will limit your need for us in the future.

Obviously, dental events happen that are out of our control, but what about the things we can control? We know that plaque and bacterial biofilm contribute to myriad dental disease and by brushing and flossing regularly and correctly, the amount of oral bacteria can be diminished. This seems like an easy way to promote oral health, but is it? How many of us make that commitment to be better flossers every time we leave the dentist only to return to our previous level of effort?  The more you floss the easier it is to remember to do it every day.

The one thing I wish for all of our patients is the understanding that all the home care feedback they get from us is with the intention of being supportive in creating good dental habits to promote good dental health.  It can be one of the most valuable services you get from us. Achieving good dental health can help you limit your experience with dental disease throughout your lifetime. We are in this together!